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In keeping with Eldorado CisUNI dynamic vision, here you will immerse yourself in both the liberal and the practical/applied arts and sciences. This rich complement of studies will be at the heart of your academic experience, as it always has been for our students. From electrical engineering to journalism, from hotel management to American history, at Eldorado you have the freedom to explore and study what interests you most.

Come live and learn amongst the more than 14,000 undergraduates from across the U.S. and 140 countries around the world. Experience for yourself what they already know.
At ECU we fully support equality of opportunity. No one is denied admission because of race, religion, national or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

Parent and Guardian
Dear EC Parent and Guardian,
Please remember that all students are resuming on before the school resumption date and the deadline for your student to electronically sign his/her Residence License Agreement and to pay his/her nonrefundable $600 housing guarantee payment. We want you to be aware of the following resources available to help guide you and your student throughout the EC experience.

International Student
Entry Requirements

Each of our courses/programmes that are available to international students has listed entry
requirements on the brochure/prospectus detailing the course/programme. Please ensure that you have met the entry requirement for the course/programme you wish to study before making an application. If you require assistance to help you determine if you meet the entry requirements for a course/programme, please contact our International Enquiries Department with details of all your current and/or ‘in progress’ qualifications and at

English language proficiency
If English is not your first language we accept:

1. LSIT English Proficiency Test
· Must be completed online or at an appointed centre of any of our agents
· Administration fee of $350.00 will be charged for this exam
· Contact us if you want enabled access to the online examination
As alternative to the LSIT English Proficiency Test, we are also able to accept any of the following as evidence of proficiency in English:

13. Institute of Linguists
· Diploma in English for International Communication tests English language skills
at degree-equivalent level. Last awarded 2004.

16. Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB)
· A score of 80 or above for admission to higher education in the US, and 90 or above should be required for programmes with high literary content.

17. Pearson Language Assessments – Tests of English

An explanation of the current fees charged for international students wishing to undertake any of our programmes/courses can be found on our brochures/prospectus. Please note that it is becoming standard practice for most US institutions to include payment of deposit fee towards the tuition as a condition for acceptance onto a course before a visa or unconditional offer letter can be issued.

ECU is no exception in this case; we expect our students to be able to demonstrate that they can afford to pay the full tuition fees and can maintain themselves in the US throughout the course of their study, without recourse to public fund.

We are unable to issue an unconditional offer letter of admission to support your visa application if all conditions stipulated as a result of your application are not met.

Normally, we expect 50% deposit of the tuition fee to be paid two weeks after we have given a conditional offer letter (when no other conditions apply for firm or unconditional offer of a place).

Where other conditions apply for firm/unconditional offer of acceptance we give a grace of four weeks to meet all conditions including payment of the 50% deposit of the tuition fee.